Two Year Old Black Cake

Back in 2006 I made a black cake to hold over to see how it would age. In that time I have kept it wrapped in a few layers of wax paper and then one layer of foil.

It's been in and out of the fridge depending on storage needs, it's been kept in a drawer, it's been left on the shelf, it has pretty much been abused.

I always meant to rewrap it but I honestly never quite got around to actually doing it.

Until yesterday.

I was sort of afraid at first because the foil had corroded away in spots, but to my complete amazement the wax paper layers were completely intact!

And it was perfectly perfect! So I popped into a pan and doused it with rum and let that soak in. Then I rewrapped the whole kaboodle and now I have a gorgeously aged black cake for Christmas.

(And yes, I did take a little sliver off for investigative purposes and I am delighted to report that it tasted exactly like black gold!)

Huzzah for Black Cake!


Mary said…
I've never tried black cake. But I can also tell you that none of my mother's fruitcakes have lasted more than a year. And she always made a double batch.

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