Turkey Shoot & Thanksgiving Photos!

Turkey "Shoot" at Diemand Farm is followed by a trip to The Old Mill.

The Old Mill is famous for such things as their corn fritters and their pecan rolls.

Thanksgiving loot!

The Thanksgiving table. This year we were 14 people.

I forgot to get centerpieces so I improvised with crab apples, quince, and Baldwin apples from Westward Farm.

And this is the only food shot I got. :(
Two pumpkin pies and an apple cider pie at the bottom.

But in case you were wondering, here is the Thanksgiving 2008 menu:

- Gougeres with smoked cheddar from Smith Country Cheese
- Shredded sweet potato with brown butter and sage (NYT recipe)
- Brussels sprouts with shallots
- Four Onion Gratin (epicurious.com)
- Sage & Sausage Stuffing (my own recipe)
- Roast Turkey
- Turkey gravy
- Cranberry sauce
- Pecan pie x 2
- Pumpkin pie x 2
- One apple cider pie

And from what I recall, it was delicious! But frankly the food coma struck early and mostly it was a blur of forks and elbows.


Mike said…
Everything was astoundingly delicious. Again, thanks so much for inviting me.

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