A Simple Sunday Supper

My friend the Spruce Goose is one of the finest cooks I know. We met because he was a neighbor of my parents and one birthday of mine he showed up with a massive pink cake studded all over with imported crystallized violets.

Love at first sight.

So then last night I went over for what he calls a simple Sunday night supper. Let me just say that my idea of a simple Sunday night supper involves Saltines, beer, pate, butter and cornichons.

Which is why Spruce is Spruce and I still eat stuff out of the can, sometimes.

Also, let me just say that he lives in my dream house. I need to do something about that.

Here is his kitchen:

Ok, well that's just a part of the kitchen. But really it's the important part!

He made us chicken with white wine and mushrooms.

And salsify with parsnips and dried cranberries. The other side dish was dried Amish corn pudding with prosciutto and Parmesan.

Then for dessert he made a sort of Tarte Tatine with Winesap apples:

First he cooked the apples with a little sugar and some lemon zest.

Then he covered it with pre-made pie crust:

The pie crust is from Stop & Shop and made with lard and was far tastier than I would have ordinarily thought, seeing as how I am sort of a crust-snob.

We all sat down at this table:

And at the end of this "simple" supper we were STUFFED.

I think the Cheese sums it up best!


Mary said…
Your cheese cracks me up. And I'm drooling over the Spruce Goose's stove. And my simple supper would be a scrambled egg. No pate even. pate is fancy when you live in Nowhere.

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