It must have been something I ate....

And that's a frickin' long list over the past few days.

I am sick, sort of. I have somehow poisoned myself and now my body is purging itself in the most vile way. Every 20-30 minutes I have to dash to the loo and the lovely roast chicken I made for supper is now lounging in the fridge because I ate two bites and that was two bites too many.

Which is weird because I am not at all nauseous, but the stomach cramps are fierce and just when I think they've dissipated and I can eat something, they come right back.

I did eat breakfast this morning and had some french fries with my buddy Ennairda this afternoon. But then the cramps came back full blast and so I ate an apple and had some cider because according to La Maman the pectin is a binder. Oh brother. I feel awful and now my stomach is getting more and more puffed up. Blurg.

Anyway, as I mentioned, it must have been something I ate.

Anyone have any remedy for this?


BFW (Tammy) said…
Bummer! I'm sorry you don't feel good. I've heard rice (plain) with a little protein.

Good luck!
Mary said…
You could try eating nothing but cheese and bread for a day. That would usually take care of me.

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